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I have been asked to send an update on the list of goodies that we are in need of!  I hope this helps.  We have been very busy at Aaron’s Gifts From Home and I have not kept up with my blogs very well.   Packing day this month is Oct. 20th at 3:00pm.  We will be packing around 80 boxes!   Hope to see those in our area!


A  List of goodies to send to troops


Pringles                                                           Oreo’s                                                                        

Ramon Noodles                                               Cereal Bars                                        

Beef Jerky                                                       Easy Mac and Cheese

Canned fruit                                                    Pop Tarts                                                        

Spaghetti O’s                                                   Hot Chocolate

Beef Stew, Chili,  Soups                                  Peanuts

Trail Mix                                                         Animal  Crackers                                           

Baby Wipes                                                     Sunflower Seeds

Hot Sauce                                                        Sun block (in plastic tube)

Granola Bars                                                   coffee (singles)                                              

Spam                                                               fruit snacks

Fruit Roll-ups                                                   travel size body wash

Combos                                                           travel size mouth wash

Cheese and Crackers                                      travel size Purell

Individual Drink Mixes                                    Deodorant  for men and women

Slim Jims                                                         small footballs

Star Kist Lunch To Go                                      magazines (Hot Rod, Hunting, Readers Digest

Tooth brush                                                     Toothpaste

Hand Warmers                                               puzzle books

Toe Warmers                                                  Dental floss                            

Body Warmers                                                microwave popcorn

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It has been a busy time at Aaron’s Gifts From Home!  We have been packing boxes on a regular basis to our troops!  Just last week we sent out 42 boxes which were packed by our volunteers and are on their way to the troops!  We just received 2 new units to send to so we will be very busy getting those packed and ready to ship!  We sure could use donations during this time!  Any type of donation, whether it be monetary or goodies would really be appreciated!

Aug. 12-17th we will have a booth at the Midland County Fair!  We are looking forward to meeting many of the community and surrounding area to talk about what Aaron’s Gifts From Home offers to our troops overseas!  We are still fairly new to many and believe or not the community does not know about us.  So this will be a good opportunity for us to meet with everyone!

July 12, 2013 was a very emotional day for us.  Aaron was honored at his grave by having a balloon release to celebrate his life!  We were very blessed to have 3 of his buddies that he served with in Afghanistan here, and also we got to meet Lucas and Chris who flew the Medevac to transport Aaron and his Lt. to the hospital.  We were presented with the flag that was on the helicopter.  It is so hard to believe it has been 2 years since this happened.  It still seems as though it was yesterday!  It really helped us to have a packing day that Sunday.  Somehow it seems to help with our grief knowing we are helping the moral of our troops so far from home by sending goodies to them.

Thank you all so much for your support!  Aaron’s Gifts From Home could not do what we do without it!



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Hi everyone!  We have been busy at Aaron’s Gifts From Home.  Many exciting new opportunities to let the community know of our organization and what we do.  We will be in the Memorial Day Parade on May 27th, Great Lake Loons on June 8th and will have a booth at the Midland County Fair Aug. 12-19th.  

Please remember to honor the fallen on this holiday!  We will be remembering our son HN Aaron Ullom by having lunch with him at his grave and putting a stone on the graves of his fellow brothers and sister’s of the military to just say thank you.  Have a safe weekend and remember to say a prayer for all the Gold Star families!  

God bless and thank you all for your support!


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March 25, 2013   1 comment

Great news!  We received our nonprofit 501 (c) (3) status on Thursday March 21, 2013!  All of us at Aaron’s Gifts From Home are thrilled with this news.  We didn’t expect it to come this quickly, so needless to say it was a pleasant surprise!

We packed over 40 boxes to the troops Sunday and they will be shipped this week!  So exciting to see these boxes leave the house to our hard working military!

We are having our first fundraiser since becoming nonprofit!  We want to thank Emily Maggert and her mother Margaret for doing this for Aaron’s Gifts From Home!

God bless your week !



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Good morning,

There have been many of you who have requested snack items or any goodies that you would like to donate.  Here is a list of items that we need:

Baby wipes          Slim Jims           Beef Jerky          puzzle books       Pringles in single packs

Trail mix               Peanuts            cookies               crackers             Cheez its

Jiff peanut butter to go                  Ritz crackers stackers                   Tuna salad with

crackers              granola bars     Ramon Noodles          coffee single servings  drink mix  foot powder

canned chili       beef stew           fruit in can       hot sauce       combos          fruit gushers          fruit roll ups

Dvd’s          paperback books          velveeta cheese    summer sausage          cracker jacks          popcorn

pop tarts            Spam

You can also contact me via Aaron’s Gifts From Home on facebook or email me (Debi) at aaronsgiftsfromhome@yahoo.com

God bless our troops!

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January 10,2013   1 comment

Wow we were really busy over the holidays making sure our troops got their goodies in time for Christmas!  It was so much fun buying toys and food, and filling stockings for them!  We had volunteers come pack for 3 Sundays in a row to make sure all boxes got out by the Dec. 10th deadline.  Our volunteers and supporters were so awesome!  We had received over 100 new names, so you can imagine the joy it was for us to be able to bring smiles to our troops!

After Christmas we were blessed to have SPC Upleger join us in packing boxes for 54 new names.  He is home on leave and wanted to help send boxes to his fellow brothers and sisters serving our military.  He was a recipient of goodie boxes while deployed and he wanted to share in the joy of packing! He was joined by his mom, and it was a great thing to see.  Lori is so proud, and I got a little emotional thanking God he was home and well.    We loved having him here and the volunteers loved that he was here also!  What a great day it was!  We made him a Welcome Home sign and he loved it!   We packed 66 boxes Sunday and they are off to the troops this week.  Yipppeee!

It was a little bittersweet over the holidays without Aaron, but doing Aaron’s Gifts From Home helped my family make it through the tough times.  We visited Aaron’s grave and asked him to give us a sign that we were doing what he would want us to do in his memory, and I have to say I felt it strongly that this is what he would want us to do.  I am not going to lie there are days when I get really overwhelmed and wonder if we can continue!  It has been a long road to get non-profit status, and when you work with a lawyer it seems to take forever for them to get things moving at the pace you want them to move!  I swear they go on vacation a lot…haha.  I had a little bit of a melt down for about a week, but the supporter’s and volunteers give me strength, and I prayed a lot.  The military are my family and you don’t let down family, or at least you shouldn’t.  :)  So enough of my pity party and back to business!!

As I have mentioned before I am working with a lawyer on non-profit and the 1023 forms and 501/3c are getting typed up hopefully as I write this.  Kevin and I spent 3 hours 2 weeks ago composing a mission statement, board of directors, and a financial out look for the next 3 years.  Wow that was a hard one… :)  Thank God Kevin is good with math!  The lawyer has received our paperwork and I have been hoping he gets this to the IRS this week.  What a long process, but it will be worth it in the long run.

To all our supporters please share our page and hopefully we get over 2,000 likes by the end of the year!  :)   To all our military family, we love you and support you!   May our good Lord watch over you and keep you safe and healthy!  Goodies will keep coming as long as you are deployed!

I hope this finds all of you well and May you all have a very Happy New Year!

Debi (Aaron’s Mom)IMG_2979

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